Buckeye Post 1598

Home of the Founders


           Welcome to Buckeye Post 1598 the home of the founders of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America.  Our mission is to “honor the dead, by helping the living.”  We complete this mission by participating in the VFW’s National Military Services which includes: the Military Assistance Program, Operation Uplink, and Unmet Needs.  The Military Assistance Program helps fund farewell and welcome home celebrations for Servicemen and women worldwide.  Operation Uplink is a program which provides free phone calls home for deployed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  Unmet needs provides grants of $2,500 to service members who have fallen on hard times.  Our Post has recently formed a color guard and has participated in the Founder’s Day Celebration, Columbus Veterans Day Parade, and has performed funeral services.           

           What is the best reason to join the VFW?  In one word: Camaraderie.  The VFW is the only organization that requires overseas service in order to join.  All of our members know what it means to serve.   We have fought in the same jungles, deserts, and mountains.  We have seen our brothers and sisters perish at the hands of the enemy.  We aren’t just a dark smoke filled bar with Vets trading war stories. We are what you make of it.  If you want to sit, drink, and trade war stories you are welcome.  If you want to raise money for our various charity programs, sell buddy poppies, and recruit new members with us you are welcome.  If you just need someone to talk to who knows what you have been through, you are welcome.  One of our founding members rode his bike through the streets of Columbus reconnecting the members of the 17th which fought in the Spanish American War.  Those veterans returned home with service connected illnesses which went untreated by the government.  Our founders banded together, raising money to treat their fellow comrades’ illnesses.  We believe in the organization they started.  We are here to help our brothers and sisters in arms.  We are here to “honor the dead by helping the living.”   

           We thank all our fellow veterans for their service to this great nation and look forward to seeing you at our Post.

VFW Post 1598

677 E. 11th Avenue

Columbus, Ohio


To contact us:

Phone: 614-291-2516

E-mail: Quartermaster@buckeyevfw.com

Our Meeting Hall

Our Color Guard at the Founder’s Day Ceremony

Our Canteen

Our Color Guard at the Columbus Veterans Day Parade

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